Swimmers Ambassador


Jacques Tuset

Morocco Swim Trek

The extreme swimmer Jacques Tuset is Morocco Swim Trek 2016's ambassador. We are very proud and honored by his presence. Jacques Tuset started his projet 14 years ago.

He already did the crossing of Alcatraz, the Castle of If, Robben Island, Spike Island, Levant Island, Ste-Marguerite Island and the crossing of the Fort Boyard. The goal ofhis challenge is to link famous prisons located on islands to the closest continent by swimming. Being able to swim in very cold or very hot waters is unavoidable, but it also is necessary to be prepared physically and mentally to overcome the extreme conditions that those open water swimmers go through: strong ocean currents, howling winds, and the marine life.

"Swimming gives me a feeling of freedom and escaping. To swim in a natural environment, without a wetsuit and without swim fins, gives me the sensation to be as free as the water."